About Josiah.
Creator - Musician - That Overlly Sarcastic Guy


U.W.I student // Aspiring Engineer // I.T. guy // Designer // Musician // Neat freak...sometimes

Who is this so called Josiah?

Josiah is currently a U.W.I student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. Hopelessly following a path of Computer Systems, Josiah has a passion for all things 1's and 0's! He also enjoys aesthetics for some unknown reason, amplifying his desire for design and Front-End Dev. As such he develops brands, develops and designs websites, call-cards and...anything else really. Similar to his dad, he creates and edits small movies, promos and advertisments...even animation!
At the end of the day however, its all about technology.

Another passion of his, is music. With the ability to play a variety of instruments, Josiah loves to produce and create anything with a beat.